Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011

Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tile Update

It's starting to look better.

 Work has been a little slower over the Holidays
The tile is up around the bathtub now. 

Someone keeps taking breaks

I think he's grew over Christmas break. Check those high waters out :)

I'm hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year.


  1. The tile looks great and I like the color. High waters, lol. Kids grow so fast, that's why we need to try our best to treasure every moment with them. House looks good.

  2. Sassy, Thanks I'm really liking that color too. My son is growing up so fast. I use to be 5'11" but I know I've shrunk some over the years and his Dad is 6'1" I've got a feeling he's going to be pretty tall but it seems like yesterday that I was carrying him around. I really miss those days.

  3. The tile is looking great!

    I wish our remodel was purely cosmetic, but the reason we are gutting the downstairs kitchen and bath is to replace the old plumbing before it leaks and causes major water damage.

    Good luck keeping your kitchen stocked. Either he's grown quite a bit, or somebody washed the jeans in really hot water.

  4. Mrs. S.
    Thank You!

    The downstairs in this house aint that pretty either. We lucked up when we found this house on the market at a great price. At first I was thinking a flip on this one but with all the extra room and the home feel in this house. I'm thinking about calling it home although it's going to be hard to leave the home we have lived in now for 17 yrs.

    I was laughing at your hot water comment, that's the excuse I use on why my jeans won't fasten anymore :)

  5. The bathtub/shower tile is gorgeous. If he is growing he is tired. It takes a lot of energy to spurt up.

  6. Supi, He has been tired a lot lately.