Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011

Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011
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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Carpet

        The carpet was installed Saturday morning bright and EARLY but it was late it should have been laid Wednesday but Lowes got our order for down stairs in this house and up stairs mixed up. Then they didn't have enough to do the upstairs in my original pick, but for the mix up they did let me choose any carpet on the rack to put in instead. But I still liked my first choice better.
Carpet has always been the toughest decision for me, those little samples you take home to compare just never look the same after they are actually laid. But rarely does anything afterwards :)

This one I thought was a little lighter by the sample but a plus is it shouldn't show dirt.


  1. Good choice, it looks good and hides dirt to boot! It's gettin' there!

  2. Your carpet is lovely. I think I can guess you didn't pick out the pink carpet on the rack. lol.

  3. Just a little jealous. Wise choice.

    On cold winter days when first stepping out of bed I wish for warm fuzzy carpet, but then I take my allergy medicine and say thanks for old hardwood floors that can actually be gotten clean when I choose to vacuum and scrub them.

    Of course, none of my floors are done in a light color. Brown allows the homeowner to clean at his/her time of choosing rather than having the light colored floor scream out - "Scrub me again; I don't care if you just finished cleaning 10 minutes ago."