Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011

Lake House~Memorial Weekend 2011
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's NOT Pink Tile anymore...

Now I just have to figure out WHAT the Heck did we do! and HOW do I get this turned into a bathroom Hopefully within
the next week (At least that's my goal)

As they say on "Bob the Builder" Can We Fix It?


I'll wait to Answer that Question!

Hope Everyone had a Great Weekend.


  1. Best wishes! It sure looks better without the pink.


  2. Thanks Lola~ I agree.
    After a Hot bath I'll be back to catch up on your blog.

    Hope you have a Great Week.

  3. My Grandparent's had pink tile in one of their bathrooms when I was a wee lad.

    Good decision to get rid of it. :)

  4. Dave I think that pink and a pea green was really popular back in the 50's and 60's

  5. I don't miss pink tile either and our downstairs bathroom looks much the same-gutted.

    Unfortunately, we had to remove the old tub, the enamel was too far gone. It was an old American Standard forged steel tub - not cast iron. My dad hit it repeatedly with a 12# sledge and all that happened was some enamel popped off and it rang a bit. A cast iron tub would have shattered. In the end, dad used the sledge to knock off the enamel in a line and cut the thing in two with a saws-all. It still took both of us and an appliance dolley to get the two pieces out to the curb. The junk scrounger's pickup truck was almost doing a wheelie as he drove away. Not sure how he could steer.

    For a reasonably fast caulkless install tub/shower we have been looking at the Kohler Sterling line of modular units. The Accord model is caulk-less and fits where most "standard" 30"w x 60"l tubs previously went without changing a lot of plumbing. That is of course assuming that the existing plumbing is still good enough to keep. If you want fast, just go to your local home depot, fork over a wad of money for two big boxes and various plumbing fittings. Sterling sells shower units too, but unfortunately their designs won't work for our house, because the center drain inconveniently lines up with load bearing floor joists.
    If the layout you have is good, don't mess with it especially if on a deadline.

    What are your plans for the lower walls?
    Retile in a more tolerable color?
    Or drywall with a trim piece to hide the transition between old & new?

    Good work and good luck!

  6. So many choices you can do...

  7. Mrs. S,
    Thank you! Right now I'm thinking drywall with the chair rail trim. I'm wanting to keep all the colors neutral. Planning on going tomorrow to pick out tile for the flooring.

    Supi, Sometimes to many choices aren't good for me.

  8. "Yes you can" :0) I know you'll turn it into something awesome!